jQuery drag’n’drop events chronology

When I was writing (learning jQuery) Solitaire game, I faced lack of documentation on drag-n-drop event's order. So I made simple JavaScript code to investigate this: $(function() { $( "#draggable" ).draggable({ create: function( event, ui ) {console.log('DRG create');}, drag: function( event, ui ) {console.log('DRG drag');}, start: function( event, ui ) {console.log('DRG start');}, stop: function( event, ui ) {console.log('DRG stop');},  ... Read more

Spining BLDC(Gimbal) motors at super slooooooow speeds with Arduino and L6234

First of all You won't find here any information on high speed BLDC motor driving. For that purpose You need to know rotor's position, so You have to measure back-EMF or use Hall sensors (not needed here). For basic info about driving BLDC motors here is best "classic" articles on internets: Driving a three-phase brushless DC motor with Arduino – Part 1. Theory Driving a three-phase brushless DC motor with Arduino – Part 2. Circuit and Software http://www.instructables.com/id/BLDC-Motor-Control-with-Arduino-salvaged-HD-motor/ I used specialized triple half bridge IC L6234 ... Read more

Driving 4×7 LED with 4 resistors only (kinda Charlieplexing)

Traditional way of connecting 4 digits x 7segment display to microprocessor suggest using 4 transistors and 12 resistors: Would You be interested in shrinking everything down to LED display and 4 resistors ONLY ? Then continue reading. Assuming one LED segment (digit's stick) drives 20mA current this setup can take up to 160mA of power (7segments+dot)*20 if we will use multiplexing (turning just one digit at a time, then next, then next,... an doing it very very fast). Even this trick takes too much ... Read more

Simple I2C protocol for advanced communication between Arduinos

- advanced communication between multiple Arduinos using I2C bus. - most online tutorials covers just one blinking LED with almost no practical use. Slave just executes ONE and SAME function every time Master asks about it. I'd like to outsource slave Arduinos for zillions of tasks. - simple protocol which enables to send any number of commands to Slave, opposing single return from simple Wire.onRequest(); Strong communication skills are always a key to success: Say we have one Arduino(Slave) dedicated for position ... Read more


Here we have it - an affordable Open Source Laser RangeFinder - OSLRF-01 from www.lightware.co.za. You can order it fully assembled and working or just PCB and optics (all other components have to find by Yourself). So next step is connect it somehow to something. At that moment I found just one sucsess story shared online - Arduino Scanning LIDAR by Michael Ball http://arduino-pi.blogspot.com/2014/03/prototype-of-oslrf01-arduino-scanning.html. That was a very nice place to start connecting it to my Arduino UNO. Michael done it with ... Read more

Hello world!

Welcome to BerryJam. Will try to make some sweet jam from different -berries. Read more